What to Expect Before Entering Drug Rehab

Before arriving at a drug rehab center you certainly have many questions on your mind. This article will give a run down on what to expect at drug rehab, specifically a rehab that is based on the 12-step method of recovery. Be advised that while the majority of drug rehab centers follow the Alcoholics Anonymous model, some do not and this article would not apply to them.


Let’s begin by saying that the fact that a rehab is based on the tenets of AA doesn’t guarantee that one will devote the majority of your time in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings or studying from the Big Book of AA. Sure, you do do that, but there are many other elements of a rehab’s treatment model that you need to be aware of. First, you will have a designated drug counselor and addiction consulting charlottesville. Your counselor will oversee your case and you will meet with him individually at least once a week. Your counselor will also conduct some form of small group therapy where you will meet with a small group of other clients of the rehab and talk about your “feelings.” These small groups can vary in quality. In many cases, your counselor, who is most likely not a psychologist will be a little uncertain about how to run these and they probably will not resemble what most psychologists consider a group.


Additionally, you’ll meet for one-on-one sessions with your counselor to talk about your history, assign twelve step work, and discuss discharge planning. The value of such time often hinges on the skills of your counselor. This will vary tremendously from case to case. If you luck out and get a good counselor this could be very rewarding, though often it is a waste of time.


Many rehabs have experiential therapy groups which are more hands on and can even include a ropes course. These types of groups are more common in treatment centers that are dual diagnosis. What this means is that they treat their clients for two issues, the first being their addiction or chemical dependency issue and the other being their pre-existing psychiatric condition such as anxiety, bipolar disorder or depression.


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Do not spend a lot of time working with your psychiatric diagnosis. They probably do not have an on-site psychiatrist to speak with you and might have a shrink who comes in for a few hours on the weekend to prescribe medications. Therefore, if you believe that your psychiatric diagnosis has a part in your addiction history then you are probably going to be better served at a dual diagnosis treatment facility.


The last, most common element of a drug rehab is the 12-step meeting. These are usually an on-site AA meeting (though it could be an NA, SA, GA or CA meeting depending upon the rehab) which you must attend anywhere from five to seven times a week. You will become quite accustomed to the form of the AA meeting which is a good thing since you are likely to be advised to attend them when you are discharged from rehab.


In conclusion, these are the most common elements of rehab’s treatment model assuming it is based on the twelve steps. I hope this provides you with a framework for understanding what to expect at a drug rehab center.


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