Reasons to Use a Retractable Insect Screening Solution

Retractable Insect Screening
For those who live in climates with aggressive mosquito seasons, or tropical countries such as Panama where there are mosquitoes year-round pest- there is a tremendous need for insect screening for your doors and windows, at least for those who want to open their windows and actually enjoy the weather where they live.


For these situations a screening solution is required. There are many options for insect screening, with static screening in wide use, the retractable screening is gaining popularity for its versatility. Here are ten reasons to acquire a retractable door or window.


  1. There When You Need It, Not When You Do Not.

This is the reason to use any retractable screening. The door or window screen disappears into a housing when not in use.


  1. Rust-proof / Easy Cleaning.

Good insect screens are made from rust proof materials, making it ideal for humid climates. In fact, the only part of a quality bug solution that should rust is the magnet. This inability to rust is key as it makes your retractable product easy to clean. Compared to a static retractable insect screen solution which usually has metal hooks and a wood frame the difference is night and day.


  1. Durability – You can walk into it..

It seems everyone with a screen door or window bumps into or crashes into one at least once in their life. And this is not to say anything about Pets and their mad dashes outside the house. In this event a traditional static screen would usually rip from its fittings, while many retractable screening options survive the crash as the magnet de-attaches with sufficient pressure, opening the door or window solution


Thus never allowing for any rip or serious damage to the retractable insect screen product


  1. Detail Oriented 

Most established screen door and window screen companies are detail oriented and will take great pride in improving their product on a yearly basis. From product paint finishes, to the quality of the spring mechanisms, to the design options, to amazingly how every single piece of the product matches color-wise and has an exact purpose. There is an attention to detail and aesthetic in any retractable product that might not be present in low end static screening.


  1. Sleek Design.

Many retractable screening solutions are minimalistic, designed to perform a function with the least bulk possible. The end result is when not in use, you should not know you have a screening solution.


  1. Custom Color Matching

Most retractable insect and solar screen companies offer a variety of colors, to allow for it to match with your home door or window frame. Some companies even allow for custom color matching with a paint chip or a color code, and even the possibility of a wood-stained finish.


  1. Professional Installation

Retractable screening can be a tricky product to install, particular due to obstructions and the lack of level in most home construction. Any reputable retractable company will offer professional installation, or may even require it, to make sure you get a proper, working insect free solution.


  1. Design Friendly

Static screens are considered by most to be unsightly. This is the reason many people in mosquito-laden areas do not put up an insect screening solution, and as such do not put to use a large portion of their homes. The ability of a retractable screen to disappear combined with their attractive design make for a very design friendly product which people should be proud to have in their home.


  1. Product Guarantees

Guarantees vary by company, some give Limited Lifetime Guarantees and others on a lesser scale. But in general, most retractable products are engineered and constructed to work and last and thus manufacturers often give servicing and warranties. This is something you won’t find in local shop made static screening options.


  1. Nobody Likes Insects

From the buzz in your ear little NoSeeUms to their bigger bloodsucking, itchy mark causing cousins- nobody likes bugs! Retractable screens seal them out when you need to use your patio, terrace or simply want to bring in the cool afternoon breeze. There is simply no better reason to own a screen door or window.

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