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Stairlifts – Choosing the Right Stairlift For You – How to Maintain Your Mobility


Stair lifts offer a simple and safe way of travelling from one floor to another. The investment can be from £1395-£4,500, which is possibly cheaper than the costs of selling/purchasing another property. Another alternative is to rent a stair lift.

There is however, a wide choice of different types, of which the main two would be either ‘straight stair lift’ or ‘curved stairlift’. The straight stairlift is used for stairs that are in effect; straight and therefore do not require travelling around a ‘bend’. The curved stairlift is designed to travel around bends enabling various types of stairs to be traversed.

There are also several manufacturers of Stair Lifts, which offer different designs and options. Consequently, with a wide selection of styles, designs and manufacturers, it is vital to have some basic knowledge before entering into the selection process of what you may require and from whom you should purchase it.

How to choose the right stairlifts

If you have access to the internet, you will be able to view several suppliers’ websites. Consider whether each company offers a wide choice of products and makes, enabling you to choose the best product for your needs. Consider whether the company offers a warranty that covers as long a period as possible, preferably 3 years for new stair lifts. Consider whether the company operates within your locality, which is likely to provide you with a more personal service, and fast response when required.

Consider whether the company is ‘small enough to care’ but big enough to deliver. Family companies often provide that added ‘personal service’. Consider whether the company staff has extensive experience in the ‘stairlift’ business, as some salesmen may have limited experience, and recommend the wrong solution.

Consider that when choosing your stair lift, consider if the product or make of stair lift will be the right stair lift for your needs, not just now, but also in future. Confirm that the potential supplier offers a ‘FREE’ home visit, with no strings attached and offers a good choice of stairlifts.

In preparation for your Home Visit.

Having reviewed several suppliers, and their brochures identifying possible solutions for you. Request several testimonies, with the option to call any one of the previous customers, if necessary. Discuss your needs with any friends that may have purchased a stairlift, asking for their advice and opinion. List any concerns or issues that worry you, for the engineer to address during his visit. If necessary, invite a friend to be with you during the engineer’s visit, to provide support and confirmation of your choice.

During the Home Visit

Let the visiting engineer know of your choice and preferences. Explain any concerns that you may have to him. An experienced engineer will listen carefully and point to a solution. Listen carefully to the engineer’s recommendations, which should guide you through the selection process smoothly and help with identifying the best solution for your needs.

Ensure that a written quotation is provided during the survey for your choice of stair lift that also includes the warranty details. Ensure that the quotation includes all items and work required for completion. Be wary of ‘additions’ later such as ‘additional wiring’ etc.

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